Torres Heights

The Torres Heights Collection is a real estate development located on the sun-kissed bay of Talamanca, Ibiza. Our brief was to create a website tailored to the stunning interior design renders that showcase the property. 

The website takes visitors on a journey through the Ibizan coast and the different areas of the properties. By balancing the visuals with a warm background colour and an asymmetrical layout, we created a sense of exploration and discovery that leaves viewers wanting to see more.

Website features

Luxury and Minimalist Design

When you have a luxury product that looks amazing, it is important that the website does it justice. This is why we opted for a clean and minimalist design that let the photography speak for itself.


The team at Torres Heights needed help crafting the copy for the website, making sure it conveyed the luxury of the properties in a concise maner.

Responsive Design

It was extremely important for the client that the website looked amazing on mobile as this was going to be the main way people would view the website. Using the best UX practices, we made sure that it was optimised for mobile as well.

Building on the brand

The branding guidelines that were provided were very limited so we had to build on what was already there whilst making sure that it kept true to the values and goals of the business.

“Stephy and Javi designed our website for Torres Heights, but are now the team behind our digital presence of all ventures. They have taken the time to understand our business and our needs, and we can always count on them to provide the best solutions for our company”

Espen Halvorsen

Founder - Torres Heights

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