Social PPC

Whether businesses want to reach new audiences, build awareness of their brand, or increase the number of high-quality leads they receive, Social PPC is a great cost-efficient way to achieve communication goals.

What is Social Pay per Click?

Social PPC, or Pay Per Click, offers businesses the opportunity to advertise their products and services on social media channels. It is a versatile medium that can help brands get in front of new markets or reach clients based on their interests. Unlike traditional advertising mediums such as television and billboards, social media has a lower entry cost and allows newcomers and smaller brands to compete with established industry leaders without breaking the bank.

When is Social PPC useful?

There are many ways to utilise the features social media advertising has to offer. Businesses can launch campaigns to inform users of new offerings, drive traffic to their website, get more inquiries, or establish themselves in their industry. There is rarely an advertising goal that cannot be tackled using Social Media PPC, as long as the audience a brand wants to reach is using the same channels they are.

What we offer

At the Atom Lab, we create and execute innovative Social PPC campaigns with the future in mind. 

The majority of our work is currently focused on lead generation campaigns, which support and contribute to our clients’ marketing funnels. Our aim is to achieve the best possible results while at the same time driving the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) down. This helps both us and the businesses we work with meet targets in a cost-efficient way that guarantees the planned budget will not be exceeded. More than just lead generation, we have worked on campaigns that aim to increase the reach and following of a brand, as well as build awareness of its offering.

The Social PPC services we offer are bespoke and tailored to the goals of our clients. Most commonly, we begin by understanding where the businesses we work with would like to be. Following this, we draw on our experience, insights, and research to propose an approach that will deliver the best results. We then implement the proposed strategy, monitor it regularly, and adjust the details of a campaign based on its performance.


Raise brand awareness

Establish trust with your customer base and reach new audiences with an expertly crafted Social PPC campaign.


Increase website traffic

Direct clients to your website and social media profiles with targeted campaigns and engaging calls to action.


Generate quality leads

Invite customers to engage with you and submit their details by sending an enquiry, all in one social media platform!

Enferm Medical

Website Design | Paid Social Media | Branding

We devised a lead generation campaign across Facebook and Instagram with the goal of driving nurses Band 5 and above to register their interest in working with Enferm Medical.


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