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Just like a window display, a brand’s social media channels are there to greet, impress, and inform clients about what’s inside and why they should enter. That’s why keeping them consistent, engaging, and interesting is an important part of business that should never be overlooked.

What is Organic Social Media?

When it comes to social networks, there is a variety of ways you can make use of the available features. More often than not, they are split into free and paid options within the platforms themselves. In order to have a presence on a certain network, you don’t need to worry about the paid features on offer. Setting up an account and publishing content on it is completely free to the user and is widely known as ‘organic social’.

What we do

To begin with, we discuss the needs of a business and advise what social networks would suit it best. Following this, we set up the accounts and devise a strategy for them moving forward. Some of our clients come to us with social channels of their own that they’d like to improve or change. In these cases, we work with them to update their current strategy, come up with new visuals, or make adjustments to any other elements.

Why choose us

At the Atom Lab we don’t just merely post any old content and call that ‘organic social media’. Our team works alongside each client to create a bespoke strategy that fits the brand and works to achieve its goals. Focusing on unique content, time-saving strategies as well as high levels of customer engagement we aim to drive users to your brand.

By choosing to work with us, you will be delegating the majority of the workload to our team. Your ideas and vision will be our priority, but we will also share our professional advice and help you focus on your strategy. Not only does this allow businesses to focus on their growth and essential aspects of their work, but it also helps them remain on-brand throughout their digital communication.

We create social media strategies based on the needs and budget of our clients and we’re highly flexible in the way we work. More than just coming up with plans, we have created designed graphics and written a wide range of content based on the needs of our clients



We work with businesses to determine who their customers are and create an actionable strategy for reaching them across social media channels.


Content creation

With a strategy in place, we create a unique style to fit the brand and develop engaging content that appeals to customers.



Based on the devised plan of action, we publish content, engage with followers, and maintain the account’s health, providing regular reports to clients.

It’s Sober Rated

Social Media | Content Creation

After creating a website for Enferm Medical, we devised and executed a long-term social media strategy for  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Fast Medical

Social Media Management | Content Creation

After creating a website for Fast Medical, we devised and executed a long-term social media strategy for the brand’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

the atom lab Fast Medical social media feed instagram


Social Media | Content Creation

The main focus for Novaflip was to update their look and content on social media to reflect the new brand and the business as a whole. 

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