NovaFlip wanted a website that would appeal to the app owners and start-up entrepreneurs they hoped to attract. Although their old website was functional, its design had become outdated in the fast-paced app industry.

In order to achieve this, we chose a bright and bold colourful palette and contrasted it with a minimal layout. Moreover, we let NovaFlip’s impressive portfolio of work speak for itself by displaying the apps they had worked on throughout the website.

Website features

Micro Animations

The client wanted a way to add more personality to the brand whilst keeping the users engaged. Micro animations are a great way to do this.


Alongside the keyword research, we crafted bespoke content for the client, making sure it was engaging and educational for the visitors.


SEO was a big part of this project making sure it had a really solid foundation. We optimised the content, and the meta tags as well as doing in-depth keyword research.

Minimalist Design

The concept of the design was to have a very clean and modern-looking website. Less was definitely more. The client’s previous website was messy so they wanted something simple, but still effective.

The value that the atom lab gives us goes way beyond the beautiful website. As a business owner, I wanted the ability to offload everything to a specialised team and not worry about marketing.

Daren Taylor

CEO - NovaFlip

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