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mrp came to us wanting their branding to reflect their ambition to become a leading healthcare staffing provider in the UK market. With this objective in mind, our task was to design and create a brand and website that showcased the strong connections between staff and candidates, while also highlighting the modern and efficient nature of their processes.

Over the past year, we have worked on various projects, including a comprehensive rebranding, website redesign, content creation, and the automation of mrp’s candidate onboarding process.

"Working with Javi and Stephy has been a great experience. Their dedication, professionalism, and the insight they bring to the table, has had a truly positive impact. We look forward to forging ahead with more collaborative projects and highly recommend them to any organisation in search of robust and creative marketing solutions"

Andy Boyd

Managing Director - mrp


The idea behind the re-branding was to highlight the connection between the mrp team, candidates, and clients. This was achieved by incorporating visuals of arrows coming together to form a plus sign, symbolizing the concept of mrp + you, the candidate or client.

Montserrat Typeface


Website Features

Candidate Onboarding

Using email automation, forms and landing pages, we created a more efficient way for candidates to complete their onboarding process. We targeted key touchpoints to ensure the process is simple and hassle-free.

CRM Integration

We helped mrp integrate their website with their CRM (Vincere) as well as their candidate and client portals.

Responsive Design

We made sure that the website looked and worked just as good on mobile as it does on desktop. We combined the best UX practices with mrp’s new branding to create a beautiful design optimised for users and search engines alike.

Bespoke Content

We designed all the visual assets from scratch using stock photography and the brand’s design elements and colours. Map’s website truly stands out and they use the new aesthetic across their other digital channels as well.

Recent Projects