Content Creation

From illustration, design, and photography to blog and social media posts, content creation covers a lot of areas based on the requirements of our clients.

Content Creation

In order to achieve an impactful online presence, businesses need to reach their clients in an authentic way. Content creation is an essential part of that. It helps audiences to get to know the brand and gives them a reason to buy into its offering.

Creating content for brands is one of our favourite tasks at The Atom Lab, not to mention it gets our creativity flowing and allows us to brainstorm and uniquely execute ideas. Furthermore, the content we create is featured across our clients’ websites and social media. Therefore, if you are interested in what we do, simply take a look.

How we work

The way we work balances a brand’s visual style with the interests of its customers. To begin with, we develop visual elements that are consistent throughout all the content we create. Our work so far has involved creating visuals with a focus on various social media channels. Therefore, the designs we create are simple, straightforward, and informative, and crafted in a way that stimulates sharing and engagement.

Speaking your visual language

The content we create is well thought out and carefully developed to match a brand’s aesthetic. In the long run, this helps our clients define their strategy and often translates into their advertising or offline communications as well.

For example, when we developed medical recruitment company Enferm Medical’s social media style, we incorporated the iconic shade of green the brand uses in all its visual communication. As well as that, we took a similar minimalist approach to that of their website and used soft shadows to highlight text and make it stand out.

On the other hand, when it came to creating photographs for alcohol-free drink review brand It’s Sober Rated, we decided on an approach that highlights the products in a natural environment. We kept things consistent by using similar lighting and placement of the products and surrounded them with a variety of product-related props.


Social Media

We develop and implement content strategies across social media based on the needs of our clients.



We work with brands to create high-quality product photography that showcases the products and highlights the brand.



Working alongside our clients, we create relevant and engaging blog posts that help them connect with their audience.

It’s Sober Rated

Content Creation | Social Media | Branding

After creating a website for Enferm Medical, we devised and executed a long-term social media strategy for their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Henley Boating 

Blog Posts | SEO 

We optimised the text throughout Henely Boating’s website and wrote engaging SEO-led blog posts that helped the brand reach new customers.

the atom lab Henley boating website design

Novaflip Agency

Content Creation | Website Design

After creating a website for Enferm Medical, we devised and executed a long-term social media strategy for their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

the atom lab Novaflip website design

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